Here’s how you can see if this has happened to you

  1. Log into Billy and go to your Balance sheet
  2. Change the view to be for Yearly 2018
  3. Look under Current Assets for Stripe, Square or Paypal
  4. If you have any of these accounts with a positive balance, you probably have a duplicated income transaction.

Here’s how you can fix the issue before you submit your taxes

  1. Go to your checking account, the one where you get deposits
  2. Look on the right column and filter it so you are only seeing Transactions
  3. Find the Paid Transaction cards from Stripe, Square or Paypal that correspond to invoices
  4. If you can, drag the transaction card to the deposit from your bank
  5. If you have already created an "Income Entry" for those deposits you'll need to void them first.
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