How to manually import bank transactions

By Joshua waldman

Updated 2 months ago

If having a problem with the auto-sync and need to get transactions into the system, this is the way to complete the task manually.

First you have to create the bank account

(if this is done skip to the export data step)

  • Head on over to Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Create Account > Create Bank Account
  • For checking/savings accounts select the Account type: Bank and Liquid assets
  • For credit cards select Account Type: Credit cards
  • Make sure you fill in every field, including Description and Account number. You account numbers should be the last 4 of the bank or credit card you are adding.

Export the data from the source account as a CSV file 

  • Clean up the data.Make sure the CSV file has at least these headings: (preferred template available)
  • Date [use thisformat MM/DD/YY]
  • Description [remove any single (') or double quotes (") ]
  • Reductions in the account, like credit card purchase or a withdrawal should be negative numbers.
  • Amount [use this format XXXX,XX - format as number, not currency - removed any symbol ($, €,etc.) or commas (,) ]
  • In the new bank account you created click on Match Transactions > Upload statement


We recommend testing the process with just a couple of lines of data to confirm the format is correct, before attempting a major upload. 

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