Sometimes you need to remove bank transaction from your Reconciliation options. For some reason there was a duplicate. Or after the transaction came into the system the payment bounced. Whatever the reason, here's how to do that.

  • go to Bank Accounts 
  • if there's more than one account select the account with the "bad" transaction 
  • click on the "Reconcile" button 
  • At the top left of the table the system lists how many transactions are available to reconcile; followed by a blue Edit link. 
  • Click that link 
  • Notice that checkboxes have appeared next to each transaction and at the top of the table. 
  • If all transactions need to be removed, click the checkbox at the top of the table to select all of them at once. 
  • If some of the transactions need to be removed, click the boxes next to the transaction individually. 
  • Once one or more transactions are chosen a red "Delete" button appears. 
  • once you are sure the correct transactions have been selected, press "Delete"
  • system will ask you to confirm, since this cannot be reversed.
  • press "Done"
  • The transactions will no longer display 
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