Step 1: Create Bank Account

First you have to create the bank account: (if this is completed skip to Step Two: Data Migration )

Head on over to Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Create Account > Create Bank Account

  • For Checking/savings accounts select the account type: Bank and Liquid assets
  • For Credit cards select Account Type: Credit cards

Make sure you fill in every field, including Description and Account number. 

You account numbers should be the last 4 of the bank or credit card you are adding

Step 2: Data Migration

Export the data from the source account as a CSV file 

Clean up the data. Make sure the CSV file has at least these headings: 

  • Date [use this format MM/DD/YY]
  • Description [remove any single (') or double quotes (") ]
  • Amount [use this format XXXX,XX - format as number, not currency - removed any symbol ($, €, etc.) or commas (,) ]

Note: there is an issue with DD/MM/YYYY dates importing into the system. Although Billy was 'born' in Europe, it was a country that uses MM/DD/YYYY. The issue is currently being worked. In the meantime it is easy to change the date column in your CSV file to the needed format.

  • Click on Bank Accounts in the left navigation. 
  • If there are multiple accounts, select the account needed from the pull down menu at the top left of the screen. 
  • Click on Reconcile > Upload statement

Billy recommends testing the process with just a couple of lines of data to confirm the format is correct, before attempting a major upload. 

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