Once you approve your bill, you’re greeted with a new set of tools that you can use to edit the bill after its creation.

  1. Bill summary: This section of the page shows a summary of the bill. 

2) Enter payment: Once you pay the bill, you can register this payment by clicking this button. The bill will no longer be marked as ‘unpaid’ once you enter a payment.

3) Edit: Selecting this option allows you to make changes to the bill.

4) Duplicate: If you have a bill that is very similar to the one you are viewing, you can create a duplicate so that you don’t have to enter all of the same information again.

5) Credit bill: In the event that you have been issued a credit by your vendor for a return or refund, you can register that here.

6) Void: This will void the bill in your accounting system.

7) Timeline: The timeline shows all of the activity associated with the bill since it was created. You can add comments here to collaborate with your teammates and share specific information about this bill. 

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