Rats! I'm sorry your bank isn't on the list. Let us know what bank it is and we'll add it to our list. 

In the meantime, you can upload your bank statements to Billy.

First, you have to create the bank account:

Head on over to Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Create Account > Create Bank Account

For Checking/savings accounts select the account type: Bank and Liquid assets

For Credit Cards select Account Type: Credit cards

Make sure you fill in every field, including the description and Account number. You account numbers should be the last 4 of the bank or credit card you are adding.

Then you have to clean up your data. Make sure the CSV file you upload into the account has at least these headings:
-Amount (single column with positive and negative numbers) 

In the new bank account, you created click on Reconcile > Upload statement

Note: The date must be in US format MM/DD/YYYY and the amount fields must only be numbers, no formatting for currency. 

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