For Corresponding Transactions

These are instructions for when there are corresponding values in both accounts, such as a direct deposit from Paypal into a checking account. 

For Non-Corresponding Transactions

These instructions are ONLY when one of those accounts does NOT have a corresponding amount, for example when withdrawing cash from a checking account, where the checking account will have a negative value, and there will be no value in the cash account until you create a manual transaction. 

First, both accounts need to be setup in Billy. If not, please complete the set up before attempting to make the transfer of funds.

Next, to transfer monies between accounts:

  • go to Accounting > Transactions
  • click on the green "New transaction" button at the top right of the screen
  • select 'Bank transfer' from the options displaying
  • fill out the data in the screen that pops up
  • click on the green "Approve" button to complete the transaction.
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