When the Billy system is first loaded it is set up to auto-generate numbers for Invoices, Bills, Transactions, etc. The system uses those numbers as unique identifiers in the database. 

Can I have the sequential numbering start at a higher number for my invoices?

Yes. Go To

  • Settings > App Settings
  • locate "Next invoice number" field and set the new number. 
  • the system will auto generate from there 

example: if 1000 is entered the following invoices will be numbered 1000, 1001, 1002...

Can alpha-numeric Invoice numbers be used?

That's currently both yes and no. 

When it comes to Recurring invoices the system generates those numbers so currently they are strictly numeric.

However for individual invoices this can be done.

  • Settings > App Settings
  • locate "Invoice numbering" field and select "Manual Input"
  • System will now wait for you to assign invoice numbers to individually created invoices

Note: the system will still prevent duplication of invoice numbers, but it cannot prevent numbers in the sequence from being skipped 

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