Step 1: To stop the Routing number etc from displaying:

  • Settings > Payment methods
  • mouse over the bank account until the edit icon displays at the end of the row (pencil and paper)
  • click icon
  • uncheck the box labelled "Enabled as default on new invoices"
  • this will removed the current formatting from the invoice

Step 2: To enabled preferred formatting on invoice:

There are two choices:

Option 1: Through the Payment Methods Screen 

  • while still in Payments Methods click the green "Add payment method" button
  • select "Other" as the Account type
  • Paste in desired instructions¬†
  • Be sure to check "Enabled as default on new invoices"

Option 2
: Using the Template

  • Settings > Templates
  • select template for editing
  • Language tab > invoices section
  • add information to "Document footer message"

Option 1: keeps all info in one spot, but creates a 'phantom account.' So be sure to label it carefully. You will not want to use it for anything else.

Option 2: has the information in two places

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