• Click "+ Create new" at the bottom of the select menu 
  • A new window will pop up 


  1. Name of product or service:  pick a name that is memorable, and distinct enough that it can be selected from the choices on a pull down menu
  2. Description: more detail.  
    a) This data will automatically be inserted into the invoice line item if any information is entered in this optional field; however it can be overwritten if needed.
    b) OK to leave blank 
  3. Revenue Category:
    a) Defaults according to your Chart of Accounts set up
    b) Money can be applied to your general sales account or a another tracking account you've set up.
    c) Note: the account displayed in the image is based on the default Chart of Accounts. Individual set ups may vary. 
  4. Tax:
    a) If "Normal sales tax" is displaying then the system default will be inserted.
    b) If item requires a special tax rate, use the downward pointing chevron ˅ to select from your tax rates (Settings > Sales Tax Rates > Rates section)
    c) To create a new tax rate, click "+ Create new" 
  5. Prices:
    a) First set up a rate in the Organization's default currency.
    b) Then, if there are customers who want to be billed in their home currency, set additional rates (note: when you create the invoice the currency will need be set prior to adding line items for automation to work
  6. SKU: internal tracking number.
  7. Image: if selling physical products this is where a picture can be added.
  8. Archived:  
    a) If the product or service is not currently offered checking this box will stop it from displaying in the select menu
    b) Archive can be temporary or permanent (i.e. product or service is seasonal)
  • click "Save product" button 

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