• go to Settings > Payment methods
  • the system will display all the payment methods that are currently set up. Note: if a grey "Default" icon is displaying next to the payment method, then it will appear as an option on all invoices. 
  • click on the green "Add payment method" button at the top right
  • A new screen pops up. Click the downward pointing chevron ˅ to select a payment type. 
  • Select the desired payment method; current options include:
    ○ Bank Transfer
    ○ Cash
    ○ Check
    ○ Stripe
    ○ Other 
  • Select "Bank transfer" for accounts and credit cards. Select from the accounts already set up in Billy or click on "+ Create new" to set up a new account. (To set up accounts for syncing with Billy follow this process.)
  • Select "Stripe" for processing credit card payments. (note: in the future there will be more processing options.) Click "Continue to Stripe" to either set up a new account or connect Billy with an existing account. 
  • for all other payment methods a window like this will popup
  • In the Type field the option selected will display and not be editable. 
  • In the Name field chose something memorable and related to the account.
  • In the Payment instructions for your customers field provide a process for your customers to use if this is their preferred method. Note: this is a required field; even if this will not be displaying on the invoice still need to include something there. 

Remember: in every case the "Enable as default on new invoices" checkbox determines if the method will display in your invoice template. 

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