If you would like to see your Paypal transactions in Billy this article will try to answer that question, until we have direct API linking with Paypal. 

This can be complicated so this document will keep updating as we get better at this. 

First, create a new Bank Account in your Chart of Accounts and call it Paypal. Give it a number and a description. The account type will be Liquid Asset.

Next, download your transactions from Paypal. The start date should be from whenever you decide to have Billy run your accounting, likely the start of this fiscal year. These are settings you would have made earlier. 

You will need to clean out your Paypal spreadsheet so that it only has payments in and payments out. Clear out the currencies, the fees (unless you want to account for those), the transfers etc. 

You should have 3 columns, Date, Description, Amount. 

The only transactions left should be when you paid for something and when you got paid for something. The descriptions should be clear and easy to follow. 

Once that's done, upload that CSV file to the account you just created in the Reconcile page. 

Make sure you balance what's in Billy and what you have in Paypal by setting your opening balance in Settings > Tax Settings > Edit opening balance

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