Many companies ask for deposits before beginning work for customers. Billy currently does not have an automated way to do this. Until this can be developed this process is just one way to communicate that partial payment is being requested. 

How you choose to implement this method may depend on how much information and line items are needed. 

Option 1: two line items

The first step is to click to create an invoice.  The tables at the top of screen as filled in as normal

  • create a line item as per normal
  • in the description field enter X% deposit on... 
  • in the amount field enter the amount due immediately
  • create a second line item
  • enter the balance due amount and when it will be due in the description field; enter 0.00* in the amount field. 
  • Note: if the customer requires more detail a PDF can be attached with that information. 
  • approve and send to customer 
  • when the deposit comes in mark the payment in the system 
  • Note: the invoice can still be edited
  • when ready to bill the customer for the balance, enter the balance due in the amount field and resend to customer. The new invoice will display the total amount, the previous payment and the amount currently due. 

Option 2: multiple line items  

Use this process if you need to be more granular in the invoice and an attached PDF will not work. It is mostly the same as Option 1. The difference occurs in the Invoice table initial set up. 

  • for each line item in the invoice use the description field to itemize the individual work items and costs; set the amount field to 0.00
  • create a line item for the deposit; created a product called deposit or use a generic product label. 
  • enter the deposit % in the description field and the amount needed in the amount field. 
  • a PDF containing more detail can still be attached
  • complete as with Option 1. 

*amount field cannot be left blank 

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