At times you may need to send a customer an invoice in another currency. This is pretty easy to do; if you understand the process. 

Step 1: In your negotiation with the customer be sure and  agree on a price in both currencies. Remember that exchange rates change, so be aware that the value of the invoice could change between the negotiations and payment. 

Use case: Let's say you are a Canadian company, and it has been agreed that you will be charging Test Corporation €500 to rent some equipment. 

Step 2: Fill out the invoice as normal, except: 

  • be sure to enter in the Price the amounts in the alternate currency. 
  • in the Currency field underneath the total change the currency from your default currency to the negotiated one. (Our Use Case requires changing from CAD to EUR)

Note: this screen does not connect to the currency exchange programming. So merely entering the amounts in your home currency and the changing the currency code will not change the values in Price.

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