In the right hand column on the invoices page many types of data are tracked. 

  • Paid vs. Unpaid
  • viewing status
  • Customer
  • Transaction number 
  • Timeline (both automated and manual entries available)

Single Invoice

  • Paid vs. note paid: top of column shows whether the invoice has been paid; if it's due or past due and how long. note: if past due font color would be red
  • Viewed or not viewed: note:  sending attached invoice PDFs negates the usefulness of this field. Also certain certain pop-up and privacy blockers can interfere
  • Customer name: clickable link to see all customer invoices
  • Transaction number: clickable link to journal entry
  • Timeline: a series of system and  user generated notes. Any comments you'd like to add place in the "Write Comment" box. note: once entered comments are not editable.

Recurring invoice

  • the main difference here is 1) no payment or viewing information at top and 2) a table of all the recurring invoices sent by date
  • to view an invoice click on date (even thought it currently doesn't look like a link) and see the information above.

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